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Add new voice of playrobot

i would fuck dave :3




bro why this is r34 thing..

amongus got me

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Ayo another scratcher

Deleted 176 days ago

unfollow me rn

a popularity spike started here

Heh heh... spike get it because garret is being replaced with spike HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHahaahahHHa

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how did he make the walls?


okay thanks

The FNF song for Dave's Fun Algebra Class is called "Algebra".

I wanted to play this so badly... :(


stop stealing fnf characters oml I THINK I NEED TO START GATEKEEPIGN AGAIN


this came out before the fnf mod





he made this aswel

bruh i know



- this happened before Vs Dave

- Moldy is both creator of DFAC and Vs Dave




OK well that was a little out there (He said the B word (I put that there for when it gets deleted))

I start the game, but it does not respond. What to do?

Also, can you update the game, like a first prize, even though dave is 1st prize.

The game will have an update, but sadly it won't add 1st Prize replacement. It's because DFAC uses "Baldi on a wheelchair" mod build to make Dave actually on a wheelchair.

not to mention the most hated change of the future update, spike

seriously, it's just some dude who is only replacing garrett

it's no fucking threat

Bruh, why does it play veggietales when you die, very funny. I rate this 4/5, also, it does not pause when you get a notebook, so dave can kill you while your doing a notebook, great mod!


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''oh, dave's fun algebra class?!, that must be the guy from FNF!''

-said once the stupid nerd 

(this mod and the FNF mod is great, its just that the baldi mod gets way less attention)



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agreed, wait, wheres marcellos fun house, its not on

rapparep deleted it

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Oh, ok, but is it on gamebannana

yeah, unofficial



Wait you have to collect sketches and then sell them online? Did moldy come with the idea of NFTs? 


what the fuck

nice username bro

thanks smb stands for super mario bros

pretty stupid huh?

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i cant find dave fun plus

what's the tts for dave

its on and set the voice to the bonzibuddy setting

saw this in youtube


I want moldy to add mobile controls


yea right, big bro


i want moldee to add duh mo beel controlls (i dont talk like this)


stfu stop mocking him

le big hecker


shut your ass and go back to bed, kid


bro go get a life man


bro go get a life man

stfu you literally made kirby sitting on a chair boz

i am working on a Dave's Fun Algebra Class remaster but i dunno how to decompile a Unity game (if you do please message me on discorrd Mackery#6999)

Can I use dave's image to make baldi's basic mod please?

OmG iT's ThE GuY frOm FnF!!1!!!!1!!!

This came out two months before the prototype of fnf was even a thing lmao.

a year and two months a meant

There's an edit button in between the reply and delete button.

they were joking

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Its a joke.


wait, we have played this for really fun.. as we know why this mod no longer update after 2022..


dave predicted nfts ?!?!?!?!!1

Do i have agreement to make a Special?

he don't have legs lololololol

Show post...

oh noes we are going to the baldee mods world


Is this guy from Dave's house Baldi's Basics mod?!?!?!?

My Algebra class ;)

hi dave :)



Deleted 197 days ago

fuck fnf fans*


oh my freaking god is the the guy from friday night funkin!!!!!1!!1!!11!!!!!!1!


(this reply is a joke and im pretty sure this comment is also a joke)

How do I mod the audio? I wanna mod this mod without your consent.


shut the up



"guys he from the fnf mod!!!" can ya'll stop sayin' this? yeah, I get that you're joking around, but like a million people have said that joke already.

whos ur favorite character 

mines is diamond man

Deleted 356 days ago

my favorite charater is Deleted post Too!

where can i find this Deleted post man



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D 1 M 0 N  B 0 1

I finally found this comment agaimn

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Dave: Dave's Fun Algebra Class! by MoldyGH (

Bambi: marcello's fun house reupload by runnin feline ( (I had to find a reupload because Moldy, Marcello, rapparep, and the rest of the team scrapped the game.)

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(Unknown) years after Marcello's Fun House and 1 year after Dave's Fun Algebra Class: Vs. Dave and Bambi - Friday Night Funkin Mod by MoldyGH ( (V. Alpha1)

ok so you really just erased all posts of you being nice to me so you look cool

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I just deleted a post because you technically asked me to delete everything of me talking to you. Also, I DID NOT do it to look cool. I hate "cool kids."

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so you hate 6yrold you

First of all, 6yr old? Second, I was never "cool" now shut the hell up.

Also when did I?

dont talk to me

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Okay, .

This 6 y/o makes no sense lol.

According to the comment on the fun house reupload it is a virus.

yeah... I think It deleted a bunch of my files when ripple bambi boinked me

I'm here because I have to get this back again...

question are you Ghost1691115 on GameBanana??

he is


wait, this isnt the free robux

its better

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