A very basic game I made in unity in about 3 hours. The game is self explanatory, you get to join a chatroom and cause absolute chaos with others. Might sound boring but it's pretty fun once you actually get to do it.

I came up with the idea for this while sitting up all night thinking about stuff and suddenly the idea for this thought up in my mind. So when I got up the next morning I created a new Unity project and began working. The game utilizes Photon because I don't wanna stay up all night listening to my computer running monitoring a server for a basic game I made. Thus the single room the game has can only hold ~20 people, so sorry about that. Enjoy what I did, though.

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Tagsanarchy, chatroom, Unity


Anarchy Chatroom v1.1 24 MB

Install instructions

Install the zip archive, extract it to wherever, and run Anarchy Chatroom.exe.

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