A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You learn at a small school in the middle of the mountains.

The exams are starting and Beangstigend challenges you!

Your new German computer teacher Beangstigend Wissenschaft is challenging you to complete all the exams! Be careful though, there are some consequences if you fail...

Game is in early access, you can play some of the early access builds here: https://discord.gg/KJ2q4Cnxzu


BloodyGames Studio - Developer

Jumpman25 - Programming Help

MysteriousGamerGuy - Suggesting a good amount of characters for the game (Bowling Ball, Ms. Trance)

Alpha Testers: bendy_gaming12, Olyantwo


BWCC Alpha 1 x64 39 MB
BWCC Alpha 1 x32 36 MB
BWCC Alpha 1 MacOS 48 MB


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people ALLLLLLWAYS talk about Dave and Marcello...

but never this guy...

Where's the last notebook when you get the other notebooks?