A downloadable asset pack

The Dave and Bambi FLPs (FL Studio project files) for the songs I did in Dave and Bambi 3.0. 26 FLPs are included.

Note: I use FL 20.9 so make sure you have a version somewhere around that if you want these to open properly.


Dave and Bambi FLPs 282 MB


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do you have an auto sliced version of the bambi chromatic

so this where the stuff was

where exploitation

moldy doesnt made exploitation , oxy did and exploiation is made on caustic 3 not fl studio

then where's its causty file

its on the source code

thanks Moldy. Even i have fl studio :


wheres the voicelines for escape from california


I lost them


oh hecc forgot to change my name and pfp on here

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btw have u ever checked \Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Projects\Backup to see if u could recover the furiosity flp? im just wondering because i still have hopes that it could be recovered

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Furiosity was made a year ago. With experience of fl backups, that means the file probably would’ve been overwritten by now by a different autosave

dang that sucks i guess the flp will forever be lost media

ill try to see if I could find it through old commits 

There are no more updates it is only pre alpha to V3.0

He will only fix bugs or lags

he will also make other mods and fangames. probably not fnf though. if it's anything other than baldi it's probably going to be five nights at expunged's 2: seriously this time

thanks moldy i was looking everywhere for the flp of the new version of house

bambi eats fruit loops and gets grounded

can you make a midi version

nvm i figured out how to export it as midi

how do you export them as a midi


go to tools then to macros and choose ready for midi export or something

okay thanks

hell yeah


no way corn-theft flp


i forgot we had itch.io