A downloadable mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A mod of the Baldi's Basics Full Game Demo!

Dave wen't to sleep one night and had a dream! A dream of a brand new schoolhouse, new places to explore, and even some random events! For example, Dave has a pet fog monster and he lets it out normally, and it become FOGGY ACH HACCCKKKK |||||

Well, not only that but you managed to use BRAN HACK 1.0 to get into Dave's dream through the program's elevator! You meet Dave and he gives you a warm welcome! He wants to look around the school and find some stuff! But he doesn't want you to go past the doors that close! If you go past them, well UYEWHFGYAUDSGYFUDSA|ERRORERROR||||

Well, get to explore in Dave's Dream!

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)


Dave's Dream Pre-Release.zip 58 MB


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As a DFAC and a dave and bambi fan this one looks kinda bad


is it fullscreen?

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No, since it looks like baldis basics plus

ya i think

Wait, I think it's supposed to be a Full Game Early Demo mod.

dave dream look like dave fun abelger classe           (sxhbysqbegfyujbrjfvbsdrgkyhdgbesyenyffnzyjfbqfysejzgebfqfqygb)

I can port this on Android?

How can I install this beautiful mod ???

super late response, but if you still wanna know, you wanna download baldis basics fullgame demo then put the files inside of it, you can download the demo here: Baldi's Basics Full Game Public Demo.zip - Google Drive

moldy help when i start the game the game start when i try to start the game it didnt start how will i fix the error?

are you using full game demo 1.0?

Well im not

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perfect mod...

dave dreams a dreamy dream;koi877u


Oh look it dave

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Oh look, it's me!

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Where's the other side of the Baldi's face?

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oh its right here!

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did dave have a lucid dream or a normal dream

Ok now listen. "Dave? Are you sleeping? Wake Up! Wake Up!........ WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -0th Prize

if your fedelle/moldy, then listen to the message above me

Dream......... DReam......

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fan arts dave's dream

shut up isaac

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that was completely unnecessary

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sansnic that was rude tho

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enter here https://gamebanana.com/wips/50769


hes not doing anything wrong

oh cool its on itch.io now

no more wheelchair

when the description said "WgfufqfngqfnIVQFIf" I really felt that